REMEMBER: The prompts (a more appropriate term than assignments) for projects in the class will be extremely open-ended. There will be many opportunities for you to make YOUR work, not simply fulfill a series of pre-defined assignments. Over the years I have found that students deeply desire this freedom, but are also challenged by the vastness of possibilities this puts before them. To this end, I will provide guidance when needed, but the direction and resolution of your work is ultimately your responsibility.

I REMEMBER Due: 8/31
Based on your reading from Joe Bainard’s book, I Remember, each of you will need to bring to class a written list of twenty “I Remember…” statements. On your first draft of this try not to think too much (or at all) and just let one memory after another come to you. Do not worry about chronology, theme, sense, or shame—just keep writing. Then go back and make an edit. You will turn in a list of 10 and read a selection of these in class.

TIME Due: 9/15 or 9/17

Create a project that uses one of the following (or your own) ideas of time as either a starting point or touchstone along the way.
biological time
historical time
fictional time
time in-between
time stands still
endless time
clock time
world time
time zone
real time
current times
dream time
future time
past time
time travel
time zone
time out
free time
fast time
slow time
relative time
subjective time
lunar time
solar time
double time
linear time
cyclical time
nonlinear time


SPACE Due: 10/6 or 10/8


TIME AND SPACE Due 10/27 or 10/29


PERSONAL CHALLENGE Due 11/17 or 11/19



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