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Rewind By Pauline Saglio

Rewind is a digital clock collection designed to revive a physical link with the reading of the time that has become pervasive and unconscious since the digital revolution. While the movements relative to the reading of time are now gone, each clock offers a unique way to rewind its mechanism. When nowadays the gesture of interaction is minimized to touch, they propose to give it a more physical dimension by playing with recharge or energy release and either to rewind the clock to display the time, or to go back in time with the nostalgia evoked by the type of interaction.

People in Pain by Gretchen Bender (1988)

Full Sculpture_1

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Originally part of a solo exhibition, People in Pain never found a home, it was kept in storage and fell into disrepair with the vinyl flacking off and was discarded after Bender’s death in 2004. It consists of a crumpled field of vinyl backlit with neon illuminating a series of 90 movie titles.

Over the past two years American artist Philip Vanderhyden has worked to reconstruct and exhibit a number of Bender’s works including People in Pain with an interest in how the piece’s “reappearance” illustrates the way “our cultural experiences live and die.”