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On-Space-Time-Foam-1-1 On-Space-Time-Foam-2

“The science of engineering and rationalism of city planning meet visionary experimentation in art installations by Tomás Saraceno. The Argentina-born artist is known for works that imagine an alternate future for humanity in unexpected, often utopian ways. His latest work, ‘On Space Time Foam‘, is an exploration of self-sufficient aerial structures that could be made on a larger scale and inhabited by humans.”

Ernesto Neto

“For his exhibition Slow iis goood, Ernesto Neto presents a series of vibrantly colored installations of crocheted polypropylene and polyester cord that hang from the ceiling, hovering several feet above the ground. These new works continue Neto’s practice of using gravity, weight, and tension to dictate form as plastic balls in different shades provide a counterweight for the crocheted sheets. Stretching the crocheted membranes taut, the balls form a floor for the labyrinthine, tunnel-like structures of alluring color and inviting texture that the gallery visitor is meant to enter and explore.”