Suspended Linings

Space: 10/8

Suspended Linings is the first piece I made that has acted as a starting point in my more current work and endeavors. I wanted to create a small scale installation that was evocative of clouds in the sky, yet I did not want to create an exact and duplicative sculpture. In order to push the unnatural aspect of this piece, I decided to add an unnatural light source.

Cloud1 Cloud2 Cloud3 Cloud4

This piece was successful in that it peaked my interest in unnatural iterations of natural objects. As a piece, it was too static and not expansive enough to create a wide scale evocation. It remains as a first step, and leads to my next project Artificial Linings, which is an ongoing piece created by my partner Clair Chin and myself, to be completed December 10th in the Ellis Gallery.

Suspended Linings

Fishing wire, polyester, LED lights


Maya Kaisth

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