Lee Price

lee pricehttp://evokecontemporary.com/Artists/LeePrice.html


“In regard to figurative realism, I can only say that I have always been drawn to that form of expression. I don’t believe there is much of a difference between the conceptual, the abstract, and the figurative…The settings are mainly bathtubs and beds. They are private spaces, spaces of solitude, and unusual places to find someone eating. The private space emphasizes the secrecy of compulsive behavior and the unusual settings emphasize its absurdity. The solitude and peace of the setting is a good juxtaposition to the frenetic, out-of-control feel of the woman’s actions.”

Lee Price (http://theotherjournal.com/2011/08/23/sleeping-with-peaches-an-interview-with-painter-lee-price/)

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