Renaissance Festival

I know this seems a little out of place, but this is coming more from a personal experience than anything else. I couldn’t remember coming across anything that would qualify as a Temporary Autonomous Zone. So I decided to start thinking about places that I had been and whether or not any of them created that sort of environment for me. And I remembered an essay I wrote not too long ago about the other-worldliness of being in a Renaissance Festival. Once the location was entered it was like all the rules and expectations were left at the door and it’s an entire different world on the other side. This is a small excerpt from it.
“Maybe I’m making a big ol’ to-do about nothing, I tend to do that more often than not. But there’s something about the environment that is created when thousands of people are put together in a space with one common purpose. It’s just beautiful. There’s no need for fighting or anger, just a “Good day sir” or a “Hello milady” and a kind greeting. Whether the greeting is coming from a vendor tenant, a performer, or just some guy in shorts a beer it’s all given with the most genuine of intents. It’s almost peaceful. This sounds contradicting given the nature of the event, the loudness and the large crowds. But in the end it all just feels, natural. … The festival itself takes upon something of a life of it’s own through which no matter the size of the crowd it will always feel just right.”

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