Julieta Aranda – You Had No 9th of May!


Julieta Aranda – You Had No 9th of May! / e-flux.

March 28 – April 27, 2008

Julieta Aranda’s work,�You Had No 9th of May!�underlines the rigidity of our construction of time, and proposes as an alternative several material representations for it. What does the shape of time actually�look like?�

Aranda’s primary source is the elusive International Date Line (IDL). Zigzagging across the earth, the IDL is an imaginary line on the globe that separates two consecutive calendar days and indicates the boundary between today and tomorrow. Despite its name however, the precise location of the IDL is not fixed by any international law, treaty or agreement (though it is commonly identified on maps as being 180 degrees longitude from the 0 meridian located in Greenwich, England). The peculiar course of the International Date Line in fact bends forward a day and back across the South Pacific archipelago of Kiribati, causing an aberration in our assumed time-space continuum (in 1995, the archipelago decided to move the dateline so that its territory would no longer be split between ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’).

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